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Find your matching online loan and easily fulfill your dreams: cheap, fast and with instant payout. Gandalf is your partner when it comes to taking out a cheap loan and not having to go to the bank. Be it for a broken car, a dream holiday in the Caribbean, a necessary renovation in the house or just the purchase of household appliances: with Gandalf you will find financing for every occasion.

  • Cheap: Free & non-binding to the credit
  • Simple: Credit request without registration
  • Fast: Receive immediate payout to your account

Gandalf is your credit professional and will find the right loan for you. We work with banks, credit professionals and private investors to deliver the fastest results and the best credit. As a credit platform, we are committed to the satisfaction of our credit customers. And all is very simple: The loan is a true online loan and is fully requested from your own couch. Without paper, pen or unnecessary waiting.

Cheap Credit with Gandalf – Benefit from our advantages

Not recommended & free

At Gandalf make your loan request even without registering. No tedious processes, no registration with personal data: Due to our quick preliminary check, the application is even more binding than ever and makes the search for a loan child’s play. Of course, every request is absolutely free and transparent and with no obligation.

Convincing speed

Credit in 24 hours, immediately on the account. This has been a reality at Gandalf for years. As an online credit platform, our loan processing is 100% digital, which streamlines the processing of credit. We dispense with the dispatch of paper and letter and thus save you not only a lot of effort, but also a lot of time. With us you can see your money directly in the account within a few hours. Because a loan should give you no headache.

Higher chances

Not only do we collaborate with traditional banks, we also act as a lending platform as intermediaries between private investors and money-seeking borrowers. In this way we are expanding the possibilities, as the application is not only checked for a single bank but is compared with different specifications. This increases the chances of a loan commitment compared to the house bank.

Security & Privacy

Gandalf is based in the financial metropolis of Frankfurt am Main and is very familiar with the financial world. We pay attention to your safety and only use secure data transmission channels to communicate only encrypted. Our servers are located in data centers in Germany and are certified according to the strict ISO 27001 standards.

Flexibility in repayment

You can repay your loan at any time and do so completely free of charge at any given time. As fast as the borrowing is, so fast is this paid back. You choose your own loan request and decide whether you pay in fixed installments or reduce the term of the loan through special repayments. The flexibility gives you more opportunities to choose the best way.

Informative: Credit Dashboard

You can always see the status of your loan in your personal credit dashboard. How much is still open, how much has already been paid, when is the next installment due? All this is integrated in your customer login. With our loan lexicon we can deliver you a wealth of information on the subject of “credit”. From prepayment penalties through legitimacy checks to two-thirds interest rates: we provide information on loans and finances.

Credit is not equal to credit

A car loan, a loan from home or even a loan without credit score: We deliver more than just the classic installment loan and find solutions for every (even difficult) situation with our partners. Every credit requirement is different and each financial situation is individual. Gandalf works on new solutions every day to deliver the right offer.

How to apply for a loan

According to the latest “credit score compass”, interest in installment loans in Germany remains consistently high. Over 7.7 million installment loan agreements would be concluded in 2016 alone. This corresponds to almost every 10th German, which thus has an open credit liability. Most of the credit for the financing of the car, the so-called car loan, used in which in turn serves the vehicle registration of the bank as collateral. Nevertheless, the completed unsecured installment loans.

Credit from credit platform

Specialized loan platforms such as Gandalf make it possible to offer new financing solutions for individuals throughout Germany. The combination of private investors, specialized banks and many years of experience brings together the best of the classic financial world and the modern Internet world. The principle of a credit platform is quite simple. They have also become known as peer-to-peer loans (“P2P”) or “crowdlending”. A large number of people provide part of their savings and “invest” in a loan – the so-called crowd. On the other side are borrowers who have expressed a desire for funding. The lending platform then matches supply and demand and creates a win-win situation for investors and borrowers: investors, the “crowd,” receive interest and principal payments on their savings, rather than letting it languish on a call money account. And borrowers get a new, easy way to borrow. Who benefits from a credit platform? In particular, self-employed and freelancers have new opportunities to take out a loan.

How to apply for a loan

Immediate commitment to the loan
Commitment to the credit in a few seconds directly on the PC

Online identification & contract signature
No pen, no paper, no printer: sign contracts digitally

Payment in 24 hours
Upon receipt of the signed contract, we will pay immediately

The Big Credit Comparison

Personal loans

A personal loan is a form of credit intended exclusively for private individuals. Thus, a personal loan differs from a loan for a small or medium-sized enterprise, so-called “SME loans”. Personal loan is therefore the classic solution for private individuals when it comes to financing private projects. Compared to private loans, it differs, as a personal loan is also offered by many banks and the lenders are not private individuals.

Online credit

An online loan is a loan that is requested by the borrower exclusively online. Many vendors enable online credit comparison on your platform. Online credit providers are often banks specializing in lending, direct banks or specialized credit intermediaries that provide quick credit through online lending . The application is made online only for online loans. Consulting services via e-mail, telephone or even chat and video telephony are becoming increasingly familiar with many specialized providers of online loans, which is why several advantages are combined: an uncomplicated application with personal support for applying for the loan. A comparison of online credit is particularly worthwhile for the sake of favorable interest rates.

instant credit

An instant loan is characterized by speed of application and speed of application. He often resembles an online loan. The check is carried out immediately automated, which allows a quick payment of the instant loan . The instant loan is establishing itself more and more as the ideal solution if the application is to be made simply and quickly. Innovative finance technology companies make instant loans easier to access, as the application is not made at the bank branch, which speeds up the process to disbursement.

Mini loan or microcredit

A mini loan or microcredit is also known as a so-called short-term loan. A mini loan has several features that distinguish it from a classic installment loan. Firstly, the loan amount of the loan is limited to a few thousand euros, sometimes even just a few hundred euros. Due to the low loan amount, the repayment time is reduced to a few months. The small loan volume allows a quick check, which is why a well-known form of mini-loan with immediate payment . The amounts are thus in your bank account within 24 hours. Gandalf also connects various partners through which you can apply for a microcredit.

Lightning loan or quick loan

A lightning loan, also known as a quick loan or an emergency loan, is a loan in which the fast payout is important. This is a special form of installment loan, in which the loan application until payment is only a few days, at best hours. A lightning loan is particularly suitable when urgent funding gaps have to be closed or bridged. These include, for example, important repairs to the home, the cost of a bill the car repair shop or unforeseen, unavoidable medical expenses. The comparison of lightning loans is worthwhile, despite the great need to pay a favorable interest.

credit without

The loan without credit score is a special form of the classic installment loan, in which the credit check without credit score takes place. This is unnatural compared to the credit of a classic bank, as many banks rely on the credit score. It is important to run a credit comparison to only find reputable providers. When comparing credit without credit score providers, you should be careful to apply for a loan without any pre-charges and fees. This tells you if the financier is serious. Gandalf cooperates as a specialized credit intermediary with various partner institutions and private lenders and offers borrowers the opportunity to apply for a loan without credit score online .

Private credit

The private loan is a form of loan where the lenders are private lenders or even institutional investors. There are various providers, which is why a credit comparison is worthwhile. Due to the legal structure, lending in Germany always requires a bank as lender. However, various banks offer the possibility of financing these loans through private lenders and thus enable so-called “crowd lending “, whereby the loan is made possible from private to private . Interest and principal payments thus flow back to private investors, who benefit from the lending of money against interest from an attractive alternative to classical investments. Gandalf automatically connects private lenders with private borrowers and allows you to apply for a home loan through the online platform.

lend money

Borrowing money from home is a comparatively simple and fast alternative to the classic installment loan. Private individuals borrow money from other individuals via online platforms. The sums of money are individually negotiable. Private individuals can quickly borrow 500 euros, but even larger sums of money such as 5,000 euros credit are quite conceivable. Gandalf allows you to borrow money from home to office via its online platform. In this case, applications from those seeking money are automatically forwarded by an algorithm to a large number of savers who make their money available on successful examination. Thus, lending money is professionalized and both private investors and borrowers benefit from a quick and easy application.

Swatch Credit: The credit from abroad

Various terms have been used in language that have similar meanings. A Swatch loan is usually the same as a “loan from abroad” or a “loan with credit score”. The difference to the classic bank loan or online loan is the location of the lenders. A Swatch loan is requested from foreign banks that require special criteria for the audit. Thus, a Swatch loan is equivalent to a loan in spite of credit score, as foreign credit institutions assess their credit rating on the basis of various criteria. A credit comparison is worthwhile, as the interest rates for Swatch loans can be higher.

Credit from credit intermediaries: professionals for every case

A free credit comparison often pays off with specialized credit intermediaries who can use credit comparisons to address a large number of partner banks. Whether online loans, bank loans or special loans: a loan from credit intermediaries has the advantage that credit intermediaries are specialized in the needs of customers and at the same time cooperate with several banking and financing partners. This offers good opportunities for a credit comparison. Many agents are now online, making the free online loan comparison easier. Gandalf is a specialized credit intermediary working with various financing partners. In addition to banking partners, loans are also financed by private individuals, which is why the range of possible solutions differs from other credit intermediaries.

Installment Loan: The classic

Whether online credit, civil service loan or personal loan: all these variants are only specific forms of the installment loan. The installment loan is, so to speak, the collective term for a variety of loan types. An installment loan will therefore receive a certain loan amount repaid in constant installments over a given period. The effective interest rate of the installment loan depends on the duration, the credit rating, as well as the provider. The repayment of installment loans is usually annuity (see also annuity loan). This means that the rate is stable over the term of the loan. To apply for an installment loan , you only need a laptop or smartphone at Gandalf.

Car loan, car loan or car loan

The most common type of personal loan in Germany is car loan or vehicle financing. The car is the most financed consumer good in Germany, which is why every year billions of car loans are issued by specialized auto banks and direct banks. The financing of the car is possible in different ways, be it about balloon financing, classic unsecured installment loans or a car loan, in which the car is assigned as collateral and the customer benefits from cheaper credit terms. The application can be made directly to the dealer. An early application is possible to pay the car directly from the dealer and benefit from the cash discount.

Online credit with video ident and electronic signature

Special providers allow the application for an online loan from the sofa. This is made possible by online identification , digital bank statements and the so-called “eSign”, the electronic signature. These innovations make it possible to apply for online loans with immediate payment. A loan with online ident and the “eSign” is often associated with a quick payout of the money. However, an accurate credit comparison is worthwhile.

Consumer Credit: Fast financing for shopping

It is worthwhile to apply for consumer credit to finance consumer spending. Consumer credit basically has no purpose limitation and is at your own disposal. He is an interesting opportunity to obtain a cash injection, which can be freely available. Thus, at the same time a car financing completed and paid for the next vacation. To take up a consumer loan, it is worthwhile to compare different offers. Gandalf already offers an individual interest rate within just a few minutes thanks to the simple check.

Modernization loan: Everything for the house

The modernization loan is a form of credit that owners use to modernize their home or real estate. It is similar to the renovation and the renovation loan. A modernization loan is not necessarily earmarked, which is why there is no entry in the land register when a modernization loan is taken out. Since there is no entry in the land register, the sums of a loan in comparison to a home loan are generally smaller and rarely exceed 5-digit loan amounts.

Student loan or student loan

The student loan, serves the purpose of financing a degree course. Student loans may differ from traditional installment loans because student loan disbursements are not in the form of a single disbursement but in the form of regular payments. In this way, monthly or quarterly living costs are covered. The repayment of the student loan takes place after a possible waiting period in regular installments. Special repayments in the form of early repayments are often free of charge for many providers.

5 reasons that speak for a Gandalf loan

Lending rate without registration

You do not have to register yourself before you receive an individualized interest rate that suits your personal situation. In order for you to receive the calculated interest rate, it is important that you provide the data truthfully. Otherwise it is not possible for us to realistically assess your situation. We offer you an anonymous and free condition inquiry before final conclusion of the credit agreement.

100% online loan application

The loan application for your loan from Gandalf can be filled in from anywhere and then directly settled. Whether from your PC, smartphone or tablet. A walk in the bank branch with long waiting times and elaborate paperwork you save yourself. Make applying for your loan for convenience.

Loan with favorable interest rate: Non-binding comparison

With fully automated, digital processes, Gandalf gives you the chance to complete a loan online in minutes. In addition, the automated processing of your application allows the payment of the loan in less than 24 hours. Gandalf turns your credit into an instant loan.

The full overview: transparency in the repayment

Through our innovative dashboard, you keep track of your current loan at a glance. Simply log in to our website with your e-mail address and password and click on Overview in the Credit tab to get comprehensive information about your loan.

Savings potential with favorable credit

Great savings potential compared to ordinary loans. Gandalf offers you top interest rates, so that you can not only fulfill your wishes, but that you can afford it. With a loan from Gandalf, you can save a lot of money on all interest costs and fees compared to other providers. More in the following credit example.

Frequently asked questions about credit

How long does it take to pay my loan?

The duration of the payout depends entirely on you. Fill out the loan application with your details and send us all the information. Once the loan agreement is ready, you can sign it online and complete it immediately. We will then take care of the payment of your loan. As a result, the money usually goes into your checking account within 1 hour and 48 hours.

Does a second borrower help with the loan application?

A second borrower in the application process can increase the chances of a commitment. Currently only selected partners of Gandalf offer the admission with a second borrower. The Gandalf Schnellkredit is currently only possible for individual borrowers.

What is a residual debt insurance / residual credit insurance and can I apply for this?

When taking out a residual debt insurance, it is possible that in different cases, such as incapacity for work or death, the insurance company pays the outstanding installments and pays them. The residual credit insurance is thus an element of security, since the rates are taken over in the worst case by an insurance company. Gandalf currently offers no residual debt insurance. Only selected partners can offer the conclusion of a residual credit insurance in individual cases.

How does the immediate payment of the loan work?

In the case of immediate payment, the loan is transferred to the current account of the borrower within a few hours. For this it is necessary that the entire loan application has been completed, that a legitimation has been carried out and the credit agreement has been signed. The latter is possible via the video identification of our partner IDnow. In this process, the borrower identifies via a video chat and signs the loan contract with the input of a mobile TAN or SMS TAN.

Online identification / video ident

Online identification or video identification is a procedure with which the legally required identification can be carried out. The conclusion is very simple: By using a smartphone or laptop with a camera, the customer can identify. For this purpose, talk to a video agent for about 3 to 4 minutes, who will record the data of the applicant. The video identification process has been gaining more and more momentum in recent years as the completion of online products is easier and there is no need to go to the post office.

The credit and the credit score

Banks are required to verify their creditworthiness, also known as “credit standing” or “credit check”. Nearly all banks are adding a credit scoreauskunft. The credit score (General Collateral Association) is a credit bureau providing information on the creditworthiness of consumers and businesses. Banks trust the credit scorescore, which assesses the creditworthiness of a borrower. If a borrower has a negative credit score entry, then borrowing from a bank – even your own house bank – is almost impossible. Nonetheless, there are new providers in the market as well as banks from other European countries, which allow a loan with negative credit score. The bank dispenses with the inquiry of credit score and uses other criteria to check the creditworthiness of the borrower.

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